Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Monday's Makings

The "Girls" at the Windsor class  hardly seemed to need my help at all on Monday this week: Catherine was following a magazine's instructions to make a Union Flag purse.  She knitted it in blue, and is now 'embroidering' over the stitches with more of the wool but this time in colours.  (Thank goodness she didn't need help, as I cant knit!!!)

Sanjita and Amrita are both making I-Spy quilts: Sanjita is ready to base next week, and Amrita has started quilting hers - fab patchworks ladies

Jane is working on her second Christmas Advent Calendar: stitching the hems on the pocket flaps.  A long job, but it's looking good

Katie is stitching the binding onto her table runner - and despite occasional cries of 'I cant do this' is doing a great job and very soon will have a table runner to put on her table - yippee!

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