Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wednesdays In Windsor

We had a great group of working this week for the A to Z project.  All but one family had attended before, so there wasn't so much for Claire and I to do in the way of explaining, so I managed to get plenty of photos this week.

This is block is P for Park - with a witches hat, slide, trees, flowers, birds and clouds - N and N stitching down some of the details
J for Jubilee River.  Here N is doing some really neat stitches: I think I need to borrow him to teach some of the adults!

 A and his mum and brother have the letter N, and are working on Windsor by Night, - they have picked some really bright colours to show up against the night sky.  I think I might introduce them to glow-in-the-dark thread!

O and his mum got the letter O, and have chosen to show the Olympic Rowing which will be held at Dorney Lake near to Windsor.  Lovely snipping for the sun's rays there O!

The lovely G who isn't even old enough to come to school yet is attending every week as mum is helping deliver the classes - here she is sewing cherry blossom onto her patch for the trees in Alexandra Park

H and L have the letter R and have chosen Royalty.  There is a castle, a corgi, and Will and Kate holding hands - here I caught H stitching the castle to the background, great choice girls.

 This project is turning out to be so much fun!

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